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Helvellyn Carbon Z Poles £69


"As a running gear tester of 10+ years for Trail Running magazine and then Wild Ginger Running YouTube channel I was really pleased to be able to help Kate design the Harrier Helvellyn Carbon Z poles. I've now tested what she has created and I'm delighted to say that they have won the Best Value award in the Wild Ginger Running poles test for their excellent features and low weight at a really fantastic price! I am looking forward to using them on my next multi-day running adventure." Claire Maxted, Wild Ginger Running

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Gary House, RunStrong

"Hi Kate, I just worked the new Helvellyn Poles hard on 2400m + of Welsh hills and found them strong, reliable and light...
I’d happily recommend them to any beginner or mid-pack runner looking for win sticks!"

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Poles for Beginners

A Harrier quick start guide for people who have never used poles!

Our Helvellyn Carbon Z Poles are ideal for beginners and experienced runners alike. They are light, strong and simple to use.

Cheat sticks? More like win sticks!

Fantastic for:
Hilly and / or long distance trails
Improving walking and running efficiency
Reducing impact on leg joints
Improving upright posture for maximum lung capacity

Using poles spreads the muscular load from mostly legs to the whole body.

Top tip for beginners!

Invest in a lesson with a qualified pole instructor. It’s well worth it to get the technique right so you make the most of your poles and don’t pick up any injuries from incorrect use.

We hope these tips give you the confidence to get going with your poles on the trails! ​If you need any support or have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.