How To Run 100-Miles: Module 1

Welcome to the Harrier How To… Run 100 Miles Guide. Do you have a 100-Miler in your sights? Whether you’re new to this distance, or you’re training for a more technical mountain challenge, we’ve put together all the tips, tricks, strategies and tools you need in one handy pack.

Welcome to Module 1

In this section we’ll be covering race goals, technical skills and training motivation.

Identify race goals

Print off the form and answer our Self Affirmation questions to focus on your race goals.

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Motivation when you need it

A collection of motivational quotes and mantras to inspire your day. Print them off and stick them on the fridge for that mojo boost when you need it!

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Recce the course

You’ve selected your 100 mile race – now it’s time to think about getting some more details on the route to see what you’ve let yourself in for! The best way of doing this is to physically run sections of the route as a “recce”. 

Read Dan’s blog about how to get the most from your recce, or what to do instead if a recce isn’t possible.

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Night running

If you're going to run 100 miles you are going to have to run some of it in the dark. Don’t let night running anxiety get the best of you! Ronnie shares his top tips for bossing those sections of the race.

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Be Ready

You’ve made it to the big day and are standing on the start line of your 100 mile event. While it’s only natural to feel apprehensive at the start of any ultra, how you cope with this and ultimately how you feel about the day ahead will come from your preparation, you can’t fake it. When you’ve done all you can - you know it and when you haven’t - you also know it! 

In this helpful blog, Ronnie shares tips from his many years of experience to get you to that finish line!

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Walking training

Ultra “running” actually involves quite a lot of walking! And walking uses different muscles and a different technique to running so it’s really important to incorporate walking in your training.

In this blog, Dan shares some helpful tips for how to incorporate walking into your weekly training schedule.

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Practice using compulsory kit

Save a bundle on your compulsory kit with Harrier’s Ultra Bundle. From race vests to poles, hydration and essential safety items, we’ll make sure you pass that kit check!

Learn to use poles

If you’re planning on using poles for your race, make sure to take some time to train with them. If you’ve never used poles before, check out our Quick Start Guide and video

Base & Build Phase fitness goals

Focus your training to match your fitness goals at each stage. Print off our tips for a quick and easy reminder.

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Seek advice / coaching

Need a helping hand getting your training right? Dan and Ronnie can help! Both offer private coaching services. Have a look at their websites for more information.

Dan Summers Running

Dan is a Mountain Leader, Fell Leader in Running Fitness and INWA Nordic Walking Instructor. He offers courses in Night Running, Navigation and Using Poles.

Dan can help you get the skills you need for your next race. you can find out more about him and the courses he offers over on his website.

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Ronnie Staton Coach

Ronnie is an ultra running coach and has been working with goals for nearly 20 years after studying for a BSc Hons Coaching, Sport & Exercise Science Degree. Over time, Ronnie has become qualified in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to better help individuals within this non-physical realm.

You can find out more about Ronnie and his coaching services on his website.

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Coming Soon… Module 2: Including decision planning, how to write your race plan and rules of failure!

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