Poles collection

At Harrier, we have a great range of poles for your trail running and hiking. They are award winning and independently tested. Light, strong and simple, designed especially for the trail. The price for all of our models include two poles, accessories, carry case and exclusive access to our Pole Position support materials. Not sure which to choose? Check out our handy guide below.

Which Poles Are Right For Me?

At Harrier we have a great range of poles for you to choose from. All of our models are suitable for both trail running and hiking, but you may find one pair in particular best suits your budget, ability or the terrain you will be using them for.


Model Helvellyn PRO Helvellyn Catbells
Material 4K Carbon 4K Carbon 7075 Aluminium
Design Fixed Length, Z-Fold Adjustable Length, Z-Fold Adjustable Length, Z-Fold
Pole Strength Strong Strong Extra Strong
Weight Premium Lightweight, from 170g per pole Very Lightweight, from 209g per pole Medium Weight, from 239g per pole
Who For? Have used poles before / know what height is best for me Beginner friendly Beginner and budget friendly
Price £89 £69 £39
Terrain Ultras, mixed terrain, gram counting kit Ultras, hiking, mixed terrain Starting out with poles to practice, very rough / rocky terrain

Helvellyn PRO

Premium design, fixed length and 100% carbon. The Helvellyn PRO poles are perfect if you want feather light, streamlined poles. Their sleek but comfortable design will help you reach the finish line of any ultra in style.


Classic design, adjustable length, 100% carbon. Our original Helvellyn poles are great if you want a lighter pair but the flexibility to adjust the length of them. Such as if you are just starting out and want to see what works best for you, or you want to be able to adjust them for use on uphills, flats or downhills.


Best for budgets, adjustable length, 100% aluminium. Our Catbells poles are super strong and perfect for those wanting to try poles but not break the bank. They're also great for particularly rocky terrain or if you are a little 'heavy handed' with your technique!

Need Some Help?

Pole Quick Start Guide

Check out our handy video on getting the basics with your poles. It will help you with set up, walking, hill and running techniques.