We have started how we mean to go on, by continually striving to make improvements that make a real difference in relation to environmental impact. Here are some of the key things we do

Reducing Waste

Our priority is to remove all excess and unnecessary packaging. We have removed single use poly bags from over half of our product range and only use where absolutely essential to protect items in transit and warehouse storage.

Where packaging cannot be removed, we use compostable and recyclable where possible and ensure we use the minimal amount of packaging for the items you have ordered - no massive boxes with tiny items in them from us!

For exchanges, we reuse packaging that customers have sent back to us where possible


Quality products that last a long time are paramount to reducing environmental impact. We test and sample the best quality fabrics and components to ensure our products can withstand the tests of trail running. We also provide detailed care instructions to ensure the long life of garments and other accessories.

Community Projects

Our Club Support Programme provides kit and expert sessions for trail running groups to give more to their members. This allows their member to try before they buy, loan items and provide essential kit for their run leaders. It also provides some great prizes and incentives to encourage more people to enjoy the trails through friendly support.

We don’t let products to go to waste and offer items with small faults to our Club Support groups free of charge. They can add these items to their kit library, even make a small repair themselves to ensure items still get a full life on the trails.

Recycled Range

We have a range of t-shirts and caps made from recycled fabrics that contain up to 16 recycled plastic bottles for each item. We are continuing to develop recycled fabrics into our race vests without compromising quality and durability and hope to have this in place by 2023.

Reducing Transport Emissions

We use sea shipping as a priority and air shipping only as a back up in emergencies. This helps us to lower our carbon footprint. All of our shipping cartons are reused or recycled too.

Because we use sea shipping, this can sometimes take up to 4 months in transit, followed by up to 6 months in warehouse storage. Hence the need for polybags and protective packaging on some of our products to ensure they reach customers in perfect condition.