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Soft Bottle Straw
Soft Bottle Straw
Soft Bottle Straw
Soft Bottle Straw
Soft Bottle Straw
Soft Bottle Straw
Soft Bottle Straw
Soft Bottle Straw
Soft Bottle Straw

Soft Bottle Straw

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Additional straw and lid options to fit our 500ml bottle. One / Off valve to prevent leaks, grippy lid and a wide neck for fast refills. Clear and blue options for the long straws. We also have short tops available if you’re in need of a spare!

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Do I need a long straw to go with my bottle?

Long straws are great for soft bottles especially on long distances like ultra marathons. It means you can be hands free and not have to dip your head so much to drink. Our long straws are fully compatible with Harrier soft bottles and have an on / off valve so no leaks. Our 500ml soft bottles are sold separately, you can find them here.

How do I drink out of a long straw?

With a bite valve, you do exactly that - bite the end of the valve and suck! No need to remove the lid. At the top of the straw there is a black plastic join, pull this up where is says 'On/Off' to allow water flow.

How do I clean my straw and soft bottle?

After each use make sure you give your soft bottles a good rinse out and leave to totally air dry. You can also use baby bottle steriliser tablets now and again to give a deep clean. The rubber bite valve can be removed to scrub for any gunk in the lid. A top tip is to leave your straw in the freezer between uses, this prevents any bacteria and gunk build up. We sell hydration cleaning kits which allow you to clean the inside of your straw tube, you can find them here.

Which race vests do your soft bottles fit?

They fit Harrier race vests along with most other brands. The only race vests they don't fit are other brands which require the very tall slim soft bottles. If you aren't sure measure the height of your race vest pockets, our soft bottles measure  21cm height x 6 x 4cm base. With a long straw the height reaches 29cm.

Can I adjust the height of my soft bottles?

Yes, your long straw is set to touch the bottom of your soft bottle. If you prefer a longer reach, you can pull the straw tube up in the lid to extend it. Do not fully pull the straw out of your bottle as the tube is very difficult to get back into the lid because it's a snug fit to prevent any leaks. You can snip any excess from the bottom of the straw if you want a greater height and the bottom of the straw flush with underneath the lid.

Do the straws or soft bottles ever leak?

We have a bite valve lid which means no leaks on the go! There is a wide, grippy lid so they can be screwed on tight and easily undone even with cold or wet hands for quick refill stops at aid stations and checkpoints.

Can I use energy powders with my straw and soft bottle?

Yes! You can use dissolvable powders or diluted gels in your soft bottles. Our soft bottle necks are extra wide, 5cm, which means it's super easy to pour additives in without getting in a mess like narrower bottles from other brands. Great for at checkpoints and aid stations when you need to refill.

What are your soft bottles made from and how much do they weigh?

The main soft bottle is made from highly durable, BPA Free, food grade TPU. Each soft bottle weighs just 38g, or 55g with a long straw.

What colours should I choose?

We have 12 amazing colour choices in our soft bottles, more than any other brand! Mix and match your favourite colours, club kit or to remember which you have plain water and energy powder in.

Why are soft bottles better than hard bottles?

When you use a Harrier soft bottle, the bite valve creates a vacuum so you don't get any annoying slosh when you run. They are also much more comfy against your body if you are storing them in a race vest or waistbag. 

Any more great tips for hydration on the trails?

Yes, we have a great section Help With Trail Hydration and also our downloadable resource Hydration & Fueling Guide For Ultra Runners

Industry Awards

The Independent, Best Race Vest Comfort 2021★★★★★

Extremely comfortable, form-fitting race vest that’s thoughtfully designed and good value for money.

Best Value Award, Wild Ginger Running★★★★★

The race vests and Helvellyn poles have won our Best Value Award!

The National Running Show, Winner, Retailer of the Year Award 2024★★★★★

People's choice award at the inaugural NRS awards.

Women's Running, Winner, Reader's Choice Awards 2023★★★★★

Absolutely brilliant... kit that works. Rugged, comfortable and a good price. Harrier bundles make getting trail ready a breeze.

Outdoors Magic, Best Hydration Pack 2021★★★★★

Everything a trail runner needs, at a fraction of the cost of many of its competitors. Innovative, feature-packed made by runners, for runners.

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