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Trail Blazers

Introducing the Harrier Trail Blazers: a remarkable team of women on a mission to inspire and empower others to delve into the world of ultramarathon running. Poised to tackle the formidable challenges of the Race to the King or the Race to the Stones, each member brings a unique story of resilience and determination.

United by their shared commitment to push beyond their limits, these trailblazers embody courage, strength, and unwavering spirit. Through their journey, they aim to break down barriers and encourage women of all backgrounds to embrace the thrill of ultramarathon running.

Join us as we witness the incredible journey of the Harrier Trail Blazers, paving the way for a new generation of fearless female runners.

The Team


As a natural team player bursting with energy, Cassie is driven by the opportunity to support and uplift fellow runners on their own paths, whether they be a seasoned pro or a first timer ultramarathon participant like herself.

Despite initial fears, Cassie is enthusiastic about sharing her personal journey in the hope of removing barriers for women and runners of all backgrounds.

With gratitude for the support and guidance she's received from Harrier, Join Cassie as she aim's to give back by championing the brand and its mission to inspire and empower runners worldwide.

Follow Cassie on Instagram @cassiebradley.ig

Denise R

A passionate runner, Denise R is determined to make this year her triumphant return after an injury, embracing new challenges on the trails.

Approaching her mid to late 50s, she sees trail running as a fresh opportunity to reignite her love for the sport. Despite feeling some apprehension about venturing into the world of ultramarathons, Denise is eager to prove that age is just a number and that it's never too late to pursue ambitious goals.

With a desire to inspire others, Join Denise as she aims to contribute to Harriers' goal of being a hub for trail runners of all ages and backgrounds.

Follow Denise R on Instagram @deniseroachruns


A resilient runner on a quest to reclaim her confidence, Maria has her sights firmly set on the Race to the King.

Training for an ultramarathon whilst juggling the demands of motherhood poses a significant challenge, yet she remains undeterred as she finds solace and healing through Trail Running.

Maria sees in the Harrier Trailblazers the embodiment of inclusivity and support that resonates deeply with her beliefs. Join her as she embarks on her mission of setting a powerful example of resilience and strength for her daughters and the many other runners with which her story resonates.

Follow Maria on Instagram @mamaruns100miles


A zealous trail runner, Tazneem is dedicated to breaking barriers and inspiring women from South Asian backgrounds.

With a hijab as her crown, she fearlessly navigates the trails, determined to show others that they too can pursue their running dreams.

Tazneem's mission is clear: to empower women to embrace trail running, regardless of cultural or religious norms. Join her as she blazes new trails and champions diversity in the running community.

Follow Tazneem on Instagram @thishijabiruns


A determined athlete, Beth is on a mission to redefine what it means to overcome adversity. Despite facing four open heart surgeries since childhood, Beth has never let her medical challenges define her, completing multiple Ironman races over the years.

Now, Beth is eager to explore the world of trail running, embracing the unknown with both excitement and nerves. Despite facing doubts Beth is determined to inspire others by living a life without fear. She's proof that with determination and courage, we can all achieve more than we imagine.

Beth believes that setbacks only make us stronger, and through running, she's learned invaluable lessons in resilience, strength, and the power of community. Join Beth as she embarks on this new chapter, proving that the only limits are the ones we place on ourselves.

Follow Beth on Instagram @bethjgreenaway

Denise B

A trailblazer with a mission, Denise B is passionate about increasing diversity in ultra marathons, particularly for women of colour.

With determination and grit, Denise is ready to lead the way and inspire others to join her on the starting line. Get ready to witness her journey as she breaks barriers and paves the path for a more inclusive running community.

Follow Denise B on Instagram @denisebautista_/



Anna-Marie, the Harrier Trailblazers resident coach, elite athlete and motivational speaker, is no stranger to ultra-trail running. 

From 2008 and still today, she has competed in a number of ultra-marathons around the world. Single stage 100km and 100 mile races (UTMB, Trans Gran Canaria, Cappadocia Ultra Trail…), multi-stage races like Marathon des Sables, FKTs… no endurance challenge scares our coach away! She also has a few Ironman around her belt - proving that:

“If you’ve got a tiny voice inside softly whispering, “I wonder if I could do it,” listen to it. Dream, research, plan, train and prepare. “

Find out more about Anna-Marie

The Challenge


Have you got what it takes to conquer the oldest path in Britain? Find out for yourself what draws 3,000 people from around the world each year to follow in the footsteps of Romans, Vikings and mythical warriors in their quest to reach the ancient stone circle at Avebury. The UK’s favourite ultra marathon.


Follow the path of Kings from ancient coast to sweeping ridges. Whether you are a first time Ultra runner or a hardened professional there is something to test everyone in this ultra accessible figure of 8 challenge. The hardest part might just be waving goodbye to your supporters at the festival camp.

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