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6 April 2024 - The Canum 40

22-27 May 2024 - South Wales 200

22 June 2024 - Epona 100

4 May 2024 - The Howum 30

1 June 2024 - The Vogum 40

6 July 2024 - The Pigum 30

3 August 2024 - The Eddum 50

7 September 2024 - The Ridum 


Harrier are the proud headline sponsor of Pegasus, Wild Horse and Epona events for 2024!

With multiple ultra distances available, no cut off times and some of the most beautiful Welsh scenery, what’s not to love about these fantastic events?


Made up of 6 events, 220 miles of running and 23,515ft ft of elevation. Don’t be deterred by the numbers. This challenge is very much achievable with the right training, recovery and overall approach to the season.

The Pegasus Slam for 2024 is here! Finish the CANUM, the HOWUM, the VOGUM, the PIGUM, the EDDUM and the RIDUM in one calendar year and you will have completed the Pegasus Slam!

From the golden coastline of South Wales to the mountain tops of Mid Wales, this beautiful series of events showcases the best trails and views Wales has to offer. The challenge starts in April and the goal is to finish an ultra marathon a month up until September. Easy peasy. It’s just one big picnic with a bit of running in between. 

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Wild Horse

All in all you have 120 hours (5 days) to complete a 200 mile trail run across South Wales. The longest it has taken someone to complete the course is 116 hours.

The route has approx 30,000 feet of climbing. It’s one life changing adventure across the trails and mountains of South Wales, along Offa’s Dyke, traversing the Beacons Way before catching the Heart Of Wales Line on to the Wales Coast Path and finish line at Worm’s Head.

The race is well supported with aid stations serving food and drink, sleep stations, a skilled medical team, live tracking of runners, and unique finisher buckles as well as other Wild Horse swag to take home… after running 200 miles.

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Epona 100

This incredible 100 mile adventure is very much achievable with the right training and approach.

The route itself may seem a little daunting with 17,000 ft of elevation gain but the course itself is very much runable and let’s be honest we all walk at some point during a 100 miler. It just means you can take in some of the most breathtaking views Wales has to offer.

The beautiful mix of Offa’s, Cambrian and Beacons really do come together to deliver a whistle stop tour full of highlights that will live long in the memory and in the legs.

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