Threshold Trail Series

15 June 2024 13-14 July 2024
Goodwood – Goodwood Lewknor – Avebury
100km / 50km 100km / 50km
4,619ft Elevation 3,704ft Elevation
73% Trail / 27% Road 85% Trail / 15% Paved


We are proud to announce Harrier are the official trail equipment partner for Threshold Trail Series in 2024!

The UK’s best supported, award-winning Ultra marathons built to test elite runners to first-timers. These award-winning ultras are on a mission to break down barriers and make ultra running accessible to all.

Their Ultra 50:50 campaign aims to increase female participation in ultra running and Harrier are proud to be supporting this goal with our own team of inspiring female athletes, the Harrier Trailblazers.

Race to the Stones

Have you got what it takes to conquer the oldest path in Britain? Find out for yourself what draws 3,000 people from around the world each year to follow in the footsteps of Romans, Vikings and mythical warriors in their quest to reach the ancient stone circle at Avebury. The UK’s favourite ultra marathon.

Race to the King

Follow the path of Kings from ancient coast to sweeping ridges. Whether you are a first time Ultra runner or a hardened professional there is something to test everyone in this ultra accessible figure of 8 challenge. The hardest part might just be waving goodbye to your supporters at the festival camp.

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