Deepdale | Trail Of The Month By Swaledale Runners

We asked Simon from our support club, Swaledale Runners, to share one of their favourite local trails.

🌎 Location: Swale Valley, N. Yorkshire
🏃‍♀️ Distance: 7 miles
🌳 Traily-ness: (caves, hills & woods)
⛰️ Hilly-ness: Moderate (900ft elevation)


“We have a route called Deepdale which takes us out from town out along the river Swale through woods and meadows until you are faced with a big lump of a hill!



At this point you have two choices, go half way up and cut back towards town for an easier run and a nice route past caves, ruins and more woods. Or go right to the top and head back into town on a higher route which rewards you with great views of the town in the Swale valley and a great steady downhill finish.

The photo below is a view of Richmond from the top.”



Special thanks to Simon for sharing this lovely route! If you find yourself in North Yorkshire and want to try it out, feel free to join Swaledale for a group run.

Swaledale Runners are based in Richmond, North Yorkshire with around 80 members who are trail, fell and road runners.

You can find out more on their website:  

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