Ronnie's Top 3 Tips For Setting Harmonious Running Goals

A new year brings new running goals. January is the time when lots of us will be busy booking up races for the remainder of the year. But how do you know that the races you’re booking (and the goals you’re setting) are right for you?
We asked our friend, cognitive behavioural therapy qualified and running coach Ronnie Staton, for his top tips on setting harmonious running goals:

  1. Do the goals you’re setting for yourself match your values and passions? Are they realistic for your lifestyle? Do you have the resources to be able to achieve them? Before you sign up for that 100-mile ultra, make sure you have the time available to commit to the training.
  2. Are your goals meaningful to you? Are they helpful? Will they enhance or develop your running in some way? Think about why you want to run a particular race.. Is it the increase in distance? The challenge of the terrain?
  3. What does success look like for you? Achieving your goals may not be as simple as crossing a finish line - it could be something else such as being more consistent with your training. Think about how you’ll define your success. Using this as a motivator can be even more powerful than a finisher’s medal!

If you've got an epic goal in mind for 2022, then stay tuned! Harrier has some fantastic expert resources coming your way soon!

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