Ronnie's Top 3 Tips For Running Happy

Our friend and running coach, Ronnie Staton, periodically hosts a Positive Runner online seminar.

Ronnie is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy qualified and is passionate about helping runners reach their full potential. We asked him to share his top 3 tips to help people think more positively about their running:

  1. Look after yourself! To feel positive about your running, you must first feel like a positive human being! Grab some more sleep, eat a little healthier and a big one - relax! There's also a reason so many guided journals get you to practice gratitude right before planning, it allows us to feel more positive when we are thankful for what we already have. So, what's going right with your running and/or why do you love it so much?

  1. Catch your negative thinking. Pay more attention to the way you talk to yourself (self talk) or about yourself to others regarding your running. How would you feel if somebody else talked about you in that manner? We can't become more positive in our running until we have the awareness of when we are being negative. Catch it, question it, then where possible re-frame it to a more positive light.

  1. Keep a training journal. We all have our ups and downs with running so it can really help to see our overall improvement. Even for those of us who may not be able to do what we could when we were younger, still recognising our current efforts, achievements and progress is just as valuable (if not more so!). A journal / log helps to give reference, balance and confidence when we feel a little negative about our running.

 To find out more about Ronnie's Coaching and seminars, visit his website here.

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