Trail Runner Foot Care Tips

To celebrate the launch of our new Trail Running Socks range, we asked our friends over at Sole Mate along with Podiatrist, Matthew Broderick, to share their top tips for looking after your feet! 

  1. Correct fitting shoes – we get so many people coming in store with the same size running shoes as their “every day” shoes. You’ll normally need to size up at least half a size, but it can depend on the shoe and brand. Get yourself into Sole Mate to be fitted 😊 You want around a thumb’s width of space at the front of the shoe to allow for swelling and to stop your toes crashing into the front of the shoe with every step.
  1. Lacing - doing a lot of hills? Use the heel lock lacing technique to lock that foot and ankle in place to stop the shoe moving as much and causing friction. Depending on the shape of your feet there also maybe a better way of lacing your shoes. High Arches / in-step is a great example of why you may need that little bit more space.
  2. Socks, Socks, Socks! Getting a running sock on your feet is essential. Avoid cotton AT ALL costs. Once it gets wet, it’s very unforgiving!! Trail socks will also come with additionally padded heels and toes to help with the uneven ground and the declines.

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  1. Toe nails – keep them cut, the end.
  2. Toe Box size – don’t cram your feet into a tight toe box, get something that allows your toes to splay a little as you land. Not even room will eventually lead to bunions.
  3. Look after blisters – if you do blister, get the correct blister repair kits which will not only protect the blister but will aid with draining it. And if you’re prone to blisters there are also blams / lube type products to aid with friction.

  4. And finally, if you're experiencing foot/ankle pain - visit a podiatrist!


Sole Mate is the only independent and specialist running shop in Wales. View their full range and shop online here.

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