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man with hiking poles

Gary House


Trail running coach and ultra runner

Helvellyn Carbon Z-Poles
Hi Kate, I just worked the new Helvellyn Poles hard on 2400m + of Welsh hills and found them strong, reliable and light... I’d happily recommend them to any beginner or mid-pack runner looking for win sticks!

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Smiling woman

Lucy Bird

Run Deep Magazine

Lucy Bird, journalist, ultra runner and triathlete

500ml Regular Soft Flask, Long Straw
It was a tremendously positive experience using the Harrier Soft Flask. By now I was really confident about the quality of the flasks and was not surprised that cleaning and drying them was just as easy. They stayed open while drying so no water remained inside.
In short, the Harrier soft flask is a great buy. £10 is a fantastic price for a well-made, robust and reliable soft flask that does exactly what it’s supposed to do: provide you with an efficient means of getting fluids down you while out enjoying your run. I now want them in every colour.

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Man looking away with hills in the background

Ronnie Staton

Hobo Pace

Ronnie Staton, race director, coach, ultra runner

500ml Regular Soft Flask, Long Straw
I’ve been using Harrier soft flasks (& bladder) for a few months now. Being robust, faff free and essentially do not leak, they are exactly what I wanted! Long runs are difficult enough without hydration system issues which I’ve had my fair share of.
It’s great to have flasks I trust especially when doing what I love most, fast packing in remote areas. Harrier have their priorities right. Great quality products with a fast and friendly service so you can focus on what it’s all about, enjoying the trails.

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man holing a soft flask water bottle

Ginger Al

Ginger Al on YouTube

Trail and Ultra Running Coach

500ml Regular Soft Flask, Long Straw
Top bit of kit, I wasn’t expecting much due to it being a new product to the market putting itself up against industry leaders like Salomon, Ultimate Direction etc. and I must say it’s matched them in every way possible 👍 Quality and value for money 10/10.

If I had any thing I’d like to see improve it would be wider shoulders on the filler neck but that is minor. I’m expecting big things from this manufacturer.

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Rob Wilkes

Highland Trekker

Helvellyn Carbon Z Poles

I really like these poles and will be the first I go to, especially if I'm carrying them on my belt. At this price they are very competitive.

These poles are perfect for beginners and intermediate runners alike, so if you are in the market for some new poles why not support a new British company.

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