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Helvellyn PRO Carbon Z-Poles
Helvellyn PRO Carbon Z-Poles
Helvellyn PRO Carbon Z-Poles
Helvellyn PRO Carbon Z-Poles
Helvellyn PRO Carbon Z-Poles
Helvellyn PRO Carbon Z-Poles
Helvellyn PRO Carbon Z-Poles
Helvellyn PRO Carbon Z-Poles
Helvellyn PRO Carbon Z-Poles
Helvellyn PRO Carbon Z-Poles
Helvellyn PRO Carbon Z-Poles
Helvellyn PRO Carbon Z-Poles
Helvellyn PRO Carbon Z-Poles
Helvellyn PRO Carbon Z-Poles
Helvellyn PRO Carbon Z-Poles
Helvellyn PRO Carbon Z-Poles
Helvellyn PRO Carbon Z-Poles
Helvellyn PRO Carbon Z-Poles
Helvellyn PRO Carbon Z-Poles
Helvellyn PRO Carbon Z-Poles
Helvellyn PRO Carbon Z-Poles

Helvellyn PRO Carbon Z-Poles

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Premium quality, fixed length poles perfect to finish any ultra in style. 100% 4K carbon and a streamlined and feather light design weighing in from only 170g per pole. Also comes with free Harrier Pole Quick Start Guide. *Some choices out of stock, see our help centre for details*

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Why are carbon poles good for trail running?

The exciting newest addition to the Harrier range: Helvellyn PRO carbon poles. Premium quality, fixed length and 100% 4K carbon. The perfect pole if you love your trail running kit to be ultra light and streamlined.

If you're still not sure check out our 'Which Poles Are Right For Me?' further down this page.

Why are Harrier poles half the price of other brands?

Our poles have all the same high quality features as the big brands. Including metal flip locks, carbide spikes, fleece lined hand strap,  integrated mud baskets, coated inner wires, strong tension adjuster. Additionally included is a water resistant and protective carry case and durable rubber tip accessories.

We are an independent company who sells direct to customers, so unlike other brands who sell through third parties, we are able to pass savings of up to 50% directly to our customers.

How much do they weigh?

Streamlined and Feather Light - Each pole weighs from just 170g.

Weights per pole 105cm: 170g, 110cm: 175g, 115cm: 177g, 120cm: 181g, 125cm: 184g, 130cm: 187g.

How small do they pack down?

When folded into Z position they measure just 34cm length for regular and 36cm for long length poles.

What accessories do I get with my poles?

For every set of poles you get - 2 poles with integrated mud baskets, a water resistant and protective carry case and a set of durable rubber tips for tarmac.

Can I use my trail running poles for hiking?

Yes! Fundamentally there is no difference between using Harrier poles for trail running or hiking. And let's face it, on an ultra run there is plenty of hiking! 

Which carbon is Harrier poles made from?

They are made from 100% premium 4K woven carbon. This makes them super strong and durable. The handles are made from comfortable EVA, they don't have ribbed patterns which means they won't rub your hands like other brands.

How do you adjust and set the height?

For detailed info on set up and use check out our Pole Quick Start Guide. We also include a Quick Start Guide leaflet with every set of poles.

Our Catbells poles are adjustable height, in comparison with our Helvellyn PRO poles which are fixed height. The adjustable or fixed height relates to the length of the pole - all of our models are Z fold to pack away.

When you receive your poles, at home stand straight with your poles extended parallel to your legs. Your elbow needs to be slightly bigger then a 90 degree angle. That allows for a good arm swing when in use, also for use on hills. Check out this helpful video Poles For Beginners for more tips from Founder Kate who is a British Nordic Walking Qualified Instructor.

I'm a complete beginner, where do I start with using poles!?

We would recommend investing in a 1:1 or group session with British Nordic Walking. They have local instructors around the country for very reasonable prices for a lesson. Nordic walking provides all the fundamentals or great technique, which you can then apply to your trail running. We also have some great resources on our Pole Quick Start Guide page.

How do you store z-poles? 

There are lots of different ways of storing poles depending on which race vest you use. Harrier race vests have at least one method of holding poles which is along the back of the vest. Some models of Harrier race vests also allow them to be held each side at the front of the vest. Depending on how you pack your vest, and how easy you want them to be able to access them will determine where you carry them.

We would recommend using your poles as much as possible on your training runs if you plan on using them for an event or race. Devise a strategy where you know where you will use them so that they're utilised to their full potential. Don't just carry them - use them.

What's the difference between z-fold, telescopic and Nordic walking poles?

Harrier z-fold poles are very easy to deploy on the go and pack away which is why all of our poles are this design. Telescopic poles cannot be packed away to such a short length. nordic walking poles cannot be packed down and are set in the extended position, a bit like a ski pole.

Is a loop or a glove strap best on trail running poles?

Harrier poles all have a fleece lined, loop hand strap. This is a very simple model and easy for you to release your hand from the pole whenever needed. The fleece lining makes them extremely comfortable and fully adjustable. They're great for beginners and seasoned pros alike as a simple and streamlined design with no complicated glove mechanism.

Any other great tips for my trail running?

Yes! We have a fantastic free downloadable resource - How to Run an Ultra

Whether you’re upping your distance, or training for a more technical mountain challenge, we’ve put together all the tips, tricks, strategies and tools you need in one handy pack.

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Helvellyn PRO Awards and Gear Reviews

Featured in Runners World: 9 of the Best


“A truly quality piece of kit at an affordable price - especially compared with other products on the market”

Women's Running, Best Value Poles 2023


“We are delighted to announce the Harrier Helvellyn PRO carbon poles have won our Best Value Poles of 2023 Award!”

Gary House, RunStrong Coach


"I really love the attention to detail on the new Helvellyn Carbon Pro poles which have been really well thought out, competitive with specifications but more importantly perform really well on the mountains."

Loyd Purvis, Run4Adventure


“I've used a lot of running poles over the years from lots of different brands and the new Helvellyn Pro Carbon fixed length z-poles are up there with the best of them! A really quality piece of running kit at a great affordable price.”

Claire Maxted, Wild Ginger Running


"A great, sturdy pole at a lighter weight than the previous Helvellyn Carbon poles making them a fantastic choice for ultra running, multi-day races and hiking. They feel comfy and durable, plus they're very easy to assemble and fold away again."

Rhys Jenkins, Pegasus Ultras


“The Helvellyn PRO Carbon are a fricking awesome set of poles for the mountains and trails. Lightweight, easy to pack away and awesome resilience for the tougher runs you have planned. Super duper pumped to take the PRO Carbon to Leadville in 2023.”

Eryn Barber (Ultra Runner magazine)


“The Yorkshire Three Peaks were the testing site for this robust piece of kit. We wanted to ensure it could withstand a multi-terrain environment over a long duration. The poles were a fantastic aid when my legs became fatigued on the incline and were light enough not to be a hindrance when running on the flats.” Read the full review here.

Dave Taylor, Fell Running Guide


"If you're considering using poles for your next ultra or big "Round" make sure you get lots of practice using them in training. These Helvellyn Carbon Pro are lightweight, easy to use and great value for money"

Ronnie Staton, Hobo Pace


"I took the Helvellyn Pros to the 185 mile King Offa’s Dyke race. Within the first 15 miles it appears I was bitten on my shin, which soon became very painful. I had to lean into the poles more than I normally would, battering them for over 70 hours and 30,000ft ascent across the Welsh hills. They stood up to everything I threw at them, solid."

Dan Summers, Dan Summers Running


“The new Harrier Pro poles felt great - sturdy, light weight, well balanced  and the price point is almost half the cost of their equivalent in other brands.”


Ultra Light


Which Poles Are Right For Me?

At Harrier we have a great range of poles for you to choose from. All of our models are suitable for both trail running and hiking, but you may find one pair in particular best suits your budget, ability or the terrain you will be using them for.


Model Helvellyn PRO Helvellyn Catbells
Material 4K Carbon 4K Carbon 7075 Aluminium
Design Fixed Length, Z-Fold Adjustable Length, Z-Fold Adjustable Length, Z-Fold
Pole Strength Strong Strong Extra Strong
Weight Premium Lightweight, from 170g per pole Very Lightweight, from 220g per pole Medium Weight, from 270g per pole
Who For? Have used poles before / know what height is best for me Beginner friendly Beginner and budget friendly
Price £89 £79 £49
Terrain Ultras, mixed terrain, gram counting kit Ultras, hiking, mixed terrain Starting out with poles to practice, very rough / rocky terrain

Helvellyn PRO

Premium design, fixed length and 100% carbon. The Helvellyn PRO poles are perfect if you want feather light, streamlined poles. Their sleek but comfortable design will help you reach the finish line of any ultra in style.

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Classic design, adjustable length, 100% carbon. Our original Helvellyn poles are great if you want a lighter pair but the flexibility to adjust the length of them. Such as if you are just starting out and want to see what works best for you, or you want to be able to adjust them for use on uphills, flats or downhills.

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Best for budgets, adjustable length, 100% aluminium. Our Catbells poles are super strong
and perfect for those wanting to try poles but not break the bank. They're also great for particularly rocky terrain or if you are a little 'heavy handed' with your technique!

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Industry Awards

The Independent, Best Race Vest Comfort 2021★★★★★

Extremely comfortable, form-fitting race vest that’s thoughtfully designed and good value for money.

Best Value Award, Wild Ginger Running★★★★★

The race vests and Helvellyn poles have won our Best Value Award!

The National Running Show, Winner, Retailer of the Year Award 2024★★★★★

People's choice award at the inaugural NRS awards.

Women's Running, Winner, Reader's Choice Awards 2023★★★★★

Absolutely brilliant... kit that works. Rugged, comfortable and a good price. Harrier bundles make getting trail ready a breeze.

Outdoors Magic, Best Hydration Pack 2021★★★★★

Everything a trail runner needs, at a fraction of the cost of many of its competitors. Innovative, feature-packed made by runners, for runners.

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