How To… Run 100 Miles

Welcome to the Harrier How To… Run 100 Miles Guide. Do you have a 100-Miler in your sights? Whether you’re new to this distance, or you’re training for a more technical mountain challenge, we’ve put together all the tips, tricks, strategies and tools you need in one handy pack.

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This pack contains three great modules full of downloadable and interactive resources that will support you as you get closer to race day.

Support Crew

We've teamed up with the awesome Dan Summers and Ronnie Staton who between them have a wealth of experience of running and supporting 100 milers and beyond.
Read more about Dan and Ronnie here

Dan Summers

Ronnie Staton

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Choosing Your 100-Miler
Download Ronnie's Guide for choosing a 100-Mile event.

To go with this guide, we hosted an online session with Ronnie where he shared some great tips and advice from his coaching and ultra running experience. You can watch the video of the session here


Why this particular event?


When is the event? Do you have sufficient time to train and taper?

Supported / Unsupported

Do you want a support crew? If so, does this event allow you to bring your own crew?


Is the course marked / not marked? Will you be required to navigate?

Cut Offs

Are there cut-off times for the event? Will you realistically achieve these?


Is the event on mountains or technical terrain that require special skills?


Where is the event? Is travel / accommodation easily available? Are there any travel restrictions?

Download Your Tailored 100-Mile Checklist

Everyone is different, so we’ve put together a few different checklist options for people. If you are doing your first 100-miler, a signposted flat or flat-ish course with lots of aid stations and support such as the Robin Hood 100 is ideal for beginners.

If you are tackling a mountainous or technical 100-miler, we would recommend having run at least a 50-mile mountain or 100-mile flat course before. Please also check the entrance requirements of your specific race.

Beginner Flat 100-miler

Beginner PDF

Flat 100-Miler to Mountain 100-Miler

Flat - Mountain PDF

Mountain 50-Miler to Mountain 100-Mile

50 - 100 Mountain PDF

Next up… Module 1 including race goals, technical skills and training motivation

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About the authors:

Dan is a Mountain Leader, Fell Leader in Running Fitness and INWA Nordic Walking Instructor. He has completed a number of 100-mile races and 24hr challenges including the Arc of Attrition and Lakeland 100 (both under 24hrs), the Spine Challenger, the Bob Graham and Paddy Buckley Rounds. Dan loves to run on all surfaces and all distances but the adventure of long distance mountain challenges really inspires him.

He loves to share this passion, and the skills needed to undertake these challenges, with others so they can have their own epic adventures.

Ronnie has been working with goals for nearly 20 years after studying for a BSc Hons Coaching, Sport & Exercise Science Degree. Originally a Personal Trainer working with a range of clientele, he began to see that similar mindset patterns clearly lead to an improved
success rate in achieving targets and individual fulfilment. Over time, Ronnie has become qualified in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to better help individuals within this non-physical realm.

Over the last decade Ronnie has been working to help physically and mentally prepare hundreds of ultra runners from around the UK, tackling races from 30 miles up to 300 miles.

Ronnie personally loves to run long and he has successfully run across England (190 miles), Wales (250 miles) and Scotland (215 miles) in a non-stop format.